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Image c. Amber J Stevens

Ingrid Stevens Therapy

Ingrid Stevens Ad Dip PC

Life can be so stressful and demanding.  We find ourselves on the hamster wheel of life - up in the morning, care for the family, off to work - nose to the grindstone, home to cook, off to bed ... and repeat.  


Or conversely, no one to run around for, all alone, isolated and lonely.  Perhaps circumstances have brought you to this place, or unexpected life changes, with the very many and varied issues they present.

Whatever your unique situation, you don't have to feel so alone; talking therapies can help you to turn your life around.

Counselling gives you a safe place in which to explore your difficulties: the things you don't want to tell your nearest and dearest or your closest friends.

Confidential and non-judgemental, I am an Integrative therapist and, as such, I recognise your unique needs and work with you uniquely. 


If you drop me a quick email, I'll reply to you as quickly as possible to see how we can work together.

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